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        1. 中文版

          Corporate Culture


          To provide simple and smooth internet experiences for users


          To become a leading operator of internet open platform


          User-first, Excellence, Better Simple than Complex

          1. User-first

          Respect users and listen to them

          Proactive communication to fully understand the needs of customers

          Quick response to solution to users’ problems

          No evasiveness from problems, though they are not within our responsibility scope

          Help users spot problems before they become aware of them, and settle the possible problems in advance

          2. Excellence

          Hard-working, practical and responsible

          Adapted to changes and free ourselves from difficulties and setbacks thus caused

          Never give up in face of frustration and always seek solutions

          Continuously enhance our professionalism, make proper conclusion of problems and share experience with each other, provide necessary help to colleagues and be committed to good teambuilding

          Keep finding better ways of work and creative ideas to bring the performance of the individual, the department and the whole company to new levels

          3.Better Simple than Complex

          Love our job and understand Shunwang’s culture

          Be objective

          Find the right way for solutions to problems, expression of ourselves and proposing suggestions

          Follow procedures, but never rigidly stick to them

          Be result-oriented