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        1. 中文版

          Company Profile

          Hangzhou Shunwang Technology Co.,Ltd.,founded in July, 2005,is a leading service-providing platform for i-cafe industry in China. 

          Since its founding, Shunwang keeps adhering to the customer first operation principle and has built an advanced domestic i-cafe management platform through management software [i-cafe Marvin]. Based on existing platform scale, Shunwang developed media platform Shunwang Star Media, which has become an important media and marketing platform for internet content producers. [Shunwang Star Media] provides marketing service for more than 95% of Chinese online game companies, and has been maintaining a close cooperative partnership with first-tier internet companies, like Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Netease and etc. Furthermore, by using current platform effects, the company created webgame co-operation platform [Shunwang Games], which has ranked in the top five by rich game contents and intimate customer services. Since 2012, Shunwang began to create internet products to  meet user requirements, targeting fine-sorted markets. [F1 Browser], well-known for its stability and speediness, is promoted steadily among netizens. In addition, company keeps innovating in its i-cafe  management software. In 2014, Shunwang launched an i-cafe management tool [i-Cafe Bar Manager] which provids total solution for cashier security and operation management. Its nationwide version was launched in 2015. Shunwang has been promoting the sustained and in-depth development in i-cafe game field. In 2015, the company signed an exclusive agent agreement with HTC VIVE on public internet surfing places in Chinese Mainland and launched [Shunwang VR]. Meanwhile, Shunwang initiated VR i-cafe flagship store and started offline experiencing business. Moreover, the appearance of [Fire Horse E-sport] provides a multi-terminal, cross-domain and mass game content grassroot e-sport platform for players. 

          in August 2010, Shunwang was listed on GEM  and became the first pubic company in Chinese i-cafe industry.In June 2012, Shunwang purchased leading i-cafe billing software company Chendu Ji Sheng,expanded market share rapidly. In December 2013, Shunwang acquired Shanghai Hintsoft, the combined platform covered more than 100,000 i-cafes, and more than 70 million netizens. Thus, its i-cafe management software market share covered more than 70%. In June 2014, Shunwang invested in China Telecom’s exclusive mobile game operator Dazzle Interactive (play.cn) and promoted strategic layout in mobile internet. In August 2014, Shunwang has taken stakes in Fuyun Network and Ciwen Media, diversified its internet entertainment platform business. In 2015, Shunwang acquired Jiangsu Guo Rui Xin’an Co., LtdTechnology,expanding its services to information security. In the same year, the company invested in Beijing iKuai network and explored deeply into wireless access field. In June 2016, Shunwang purchased 51% of stock rights of Shanghai Han Wei Xin Heng(the orgnizer of Chinajoy), which is a front runner of global digital interactive entertainment exhibition service. This acquisition has pushed a big step forward Shunwang’s internet pan-entertainment strategy.

          Shunwang has always taken industry advance as its own responsibility. Focusing on independent innovation, Shunwang has achieved numbers of national standard software copyright and patent. During its progress, Shunwang has acquired strong support from the national, provincial, municipal and district government. The company has gained a number of honorary titles such as National High-tech Enterprises, Top Ten Civilization Internet Service Operating Companies in Hangzhou, Top Ten Innovative Enterprises for Science and Technology in Hangzhou, the Best Investment Value Award in Hangzhou, High-growth Enterprises, Key Software Enterprise in National Planning, etc. Shunwang has become one of 100 top Internet enterprises in China.